Replacing the roof on your home is arguably one of the larger investments you will make to its aesthetics and its longevity. So, when it comes to selecting your roofing material, you may be weighing which option is right for you. What are the different types of metal roofing materials?

Mountaintop Metal Roofing installs interlocking aluminum roofing systems. Get in touch with us today for details. We can talk about colors, styles, and profiles, including our popular standing seam metal roofing panels.

In the meantime, here are some of the most popular types of metal roofing.

Types of Metal Roofing

Here are three of the most popular types of metal roofing. Hopefully, this helps you decide which is best for you!

  • Aluminum Roofing
  • Steel Roofing
  • Copper Roofing

Aluminum Roofing

This is lightweight and is compatible with a variety of environments, especially those that are wet or coastal. These roofs will not corrode and require no maintenance.

The best part: They are incredibly durable and are made to last for 50 years or even longer.

They are available in virtually any color and style, making them very appealing for homes of all kinds.

Whether it’s a historic home that requires a renovation with a new roof, or you are planning to remodel your home or build an addition, metal roofing is one of the best options you have today.

Steel Roofing

This is a commonly used metal for residential roofing projects. These are incredibly thick and strong, and they are available in different finishes.

Copper Roofing

This is a long-lasting roof and over time, it will develop a protective layer. It also changes color as it ages, giving it a distinct look.

At Mountaintop Metal Roofing, we are your metal roofing experts. We specialize in aluminum roofing products and are proud to install this material due to its weather-resistant capabilities and incredible strength.

Aluminum roofing also reflects heat, so you can save money on your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. There is also an element of fire resistance in this type of roofing in addition to its energy efficiency. That’s the kind of peace of mind you won’t find long-term with slate roofing, galvanized steel, tile roofs, and many others.

And last but not least: You won’t need to worry about losing shingles or cleaning the roof with aluminum. It is a maintenance-free option! The life expectancies of residential metal roofing is many decades. Plus, it adds to your home’s curb appeal!

There’s no doubt about it: An aluminum roof will serve you well, keeping you, your family, and your home’s structure safe and protected for many decades.

Call our experienced team of roofing professionals at Mountaintop Metal Roofing. We look forward to helping get your new, long-lasting roof installed right away! We want to be your neighborhood’s roofing contractor of choice, so when you and your friends need a roof replacement, look no further than Mountaintop Metal Roofing.