Although metal roofing tends to need very little maintenance, there may be some instances in which you need to get onto your roof, such as removing debris, repairing any issues, inspections, etc. In the case that you are unable to hire a roofing professional, it is imperative that you know how to walk on a metal roof without slipping. 

With this post, we will outline the best practices for staying safe while walking on your metal roof. 

Proper Footwear for Working on a Metal Roof Without Slipping

Because of the nature of metal roofs, they are more slippery than other roofing products, so wearing the correct footwear is a necessity. 

Our experts recommend soft rubber shoes that have a lot of grip. They should feel somewhat sticky when you step on the roof, especially on hot days. Additionally, they need to be full-foot coverage roofing shoes (e.g., not sandals or flip-flops) and should be in good condition. Shoes that are old or worn will not function as well, thus potentially risking your safety. 

Avoid walking on your roof with heavy, rigid work boots because these can damage the roof. You will need a pliable and flexible shoe with rubber soles and a good grip. A lot of roofers will wear shoes like Chuck’s All-Stars, tennis shoes, Converse, and skate shoes because they often have completely flat soles that have good grip.

Lastly, make sure your soles are clean. Any gravel stuck in grooves or dirt can damage or scratch your roof. Plus, it can interfere with your traction.

Ideal Weather Conditions

Wet metal roofs are dangerous to walk on, even for professionals. Most pros will try to reschedule until safer weather conditions arise. If the rain is completely unavoidable because of an emergency, such as a bad leak, one must take the utmost precautions. 

Our experts recommend:

  • Using a safety rope
  • Wearing proper rubber footwear
  • Wearing a safety harness
  • Wearing safety glasses
  • Wearing gloves
  • Using anchors
  • Implementing a fall-protection system

Walking on a metal roof in rainy conditions can be very dangerous, even for professionals. Slipping and falling off of your roof could potentially be fatal. Please avoid walking on a metal roof in the rain at all costs.

Best Practices for Walking on a Metal Roof Without Slipping

Never get on your roof by yourself. It is best practice to always have another person close by in case of accidents. Additionally, having an extra person to help balance your ladder or hand you tools can be very helpful.

Use fall protection. Any time you plan on getting on top of your roof, always protect yourself with fall equipment. This should include an OSHA-approved safety ladder, harnesses, and other fall protection equipment. To better protect the paint or finish on your metal panels we recommend using padded stabilizers for your ladder.

Walk slowly and avoid stepping on any ribs and laps. On standing seam roofings, it is safe to walk almost anywhere. On metal shingles, you should walk over the upper half to have a better grip. For metal tiles or corrugated panels, it is safe to walk close to the lower part of the tiles or panels. Make sure to double-check with your roofer to confirm the best way to walk on your particular roof. 

When in doubt, always call a professional. No matter the reason for getting on top of your metal roof, never go forward if you are uncomfortable or in doubt. It is much better to call the professionals at Mountaintop Metal Roofing rather than risking your safety. 

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