Mountaintop Metal Roofing is the premier metal roofing contractor in Oregon.

Wherever you are — Portland, Salem, Eugene, Astoria, and anywhere between — we are excited to transform your home and make it the talk of the neighborhood. As your local metal roofing contractor, we provide professional, worry-free and pressure-free residential metal roofing solutions with standard-setting customer support.

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Metal Roofing Contractor in Oregon

Mountaintop Metal Roofing has decades of experience with roofing services, including roofing installation and roof replacements. Whether you need to replace your roof because of its age or as part of a whole home renovation, we’re ready to help you protect the largest investment you’ll probably ever make!

We specialize in high-quality aluminum cedar shakes, durable standing seam metal roofs, and aluminum shingles — available in two finishes and hundreds of colors. No matter what you choose, you can be sure it will be:



Lifetime, Transferable Warranty.

Aluminum Cedar Shakes

The best of both worlds — the beauty of cedar shakes and the maintenance-free longevity of aluminum. Available in a variety of colors — from red to green and everything in between — aluminum cedar shakes repel moss and algae and never need staining or cleaning. Best of all, you won’t need to replace them because they don’t crack. Set it, forget it!

Standing Seam Profile

For those who prefer a more traditional look, a standing seam metal roof is nonetheless completely customizable with colors across the spectrum to match any homeowners’ preferences. Just as durable and maintenance-free as our other options, standing seam profile brings out the beauty of your home’s architectural quirks.

Aluminum Shingles

Available in a variety of gorgeous colors and three different finishes (smooth, slate, woodgrain), slate shingles resemble real slate without all the hassle and worry that comes along with it. Plus, it weighs substantially less than real slate — 16 times less, to be exact! Ask us about color matching; we can create pretty much any color for our great aluminum shingles.


Moss, tree droppings, ice dams? You’ll no longer have to worry about the damage those things are doing to your roof. With a metal roof installation, there’s very little maintenance needed in order to extend the life and warranty of your roof.


It’s Green

Metal roofing is recyclable if and when it ever needs to be dismantled or replaced. Unlike composite roofing shingles — 10 million tons of which end up in landfills each year — aluminum can be recycled and reused.

Saves Money

We may not need to dismantle your existing roof. Most of the time, if there’s just a single layer of roofing, we can place your new metal roof on top!



It Lasts A Lifetime

Your first Mountaintop Metal roof is likely to be your last. Our shingles provide a lifetime of protection backed by an incredible non-prorated, fully transferable warranty. You’ll never need another roof.


Our metal roofs are made from aluminum. During those increasingly hot summer days, your metal roof will dissipate the sun’s heat, reflecting the heat back into the air, helping keep your home cooler and your summertime energy costs down.


Beautiful and Customizable

We have metal roofs in many styles and colors. Plus, the unique metal shingle design itself will make your home look extraordinary for decades to come. Metal roofing products and styles include slate profile, standing seam, and cedar shake profile.

Request A Free Roof Quote

As the premier metal roofing installer in Oregon, we want you to be certain that our products are right for you. That’s why we provide a no-cost and no-obligation estimate for your home. Get a free online quote from Mountaintop Metal Roofing today. Then let us get to work, so your home will be protected from the elements and the transformation will be the talk of your neighborhood. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can stop worrying about your roof or roof repairs.


Save $3,250 on your new, lifetime guaranteed, roof!


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