Metal roofing is one of the best options out there for homeowners looking for durable roofing that will stand the test of time. While these roofs are inherently long-lasting, there are additional protective measures to include when installing the roof. Metal sarking is one of those. Is sarking required under a metal roof?

What is sarking?

Sarking is a protective membrane under the roof that helps prolong the life of the roof. It consists of a reflective foil laminate and is rolled out for placement under the roof during installation.

Sarking helps keep moisture, driven rain and dust, and other debris from entering your ceiling, making it a great addition for homes that experience the wide range of Pacific Northwest weather.

Sarking benefits

Metal sarking has a variety of additional benefits for your energy-efficient roof system, too.

For example, it can help protect your home by keeping the roof cavity from acquiring mold growth. It can also help prevent damage from the heavy rains that are common in our area.

Acting as a sort of roof insulation, sarking provides an extra layer of protection against moisture and adds a water vapour barrier in your roof space and ceiling space. This is true regardless of roofing style: tiled roof, standing seam, metal shingles.

Sarking can help resist condensation that can lead to rust on the roof. Without installing sarking, condensation could lead to early rusting, or moisture dripping that could pose a long-term threat to the roof.

Using sarking in the Northwest is a necessity, as it acts as a vapor barrier and helps keep moisture away from your precious home.

This waterproof layer gives you the extra peace of mind you need, knowing that your roof will keep you warm and protected, no matter what type of wet weather we get.


Keep in mind that Mountaintop Metal Roofing provides a warranty that is among the best in the industry.

The highlights: Your roof will not chip, peel, or crack. It’s wind-rated up to 165 miles per hour. It features 30-year chalk-and-fade resistance. And it’s transferrable.

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In addition to ensuring your new metal roof is installed with the utmost attention to detail, we will ensure that all sarking is added for maximum protection and comfort.

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We look forward to helping you get your roof repaired or replaced, so you can enjoy it for years to come.