You may be wondering, can hail damage your metal roof? Turbulent weather can cause a number of issues for you and your home. Here in the Pacific Northwest, rain, hail, and snow are inevitable, which makes choosing the right roofing material an important task.

Oftentimes extreme weather conditions can cause severe damage to your home. By choosing a protective roofing material, such as aluminum, you are providing extra protection.

Our roofing experts have compiled this overview to break down the myth that metal roofing is easily damaged by hail.

Aluminum Roofing: An overview

Despite its more recent rise in popularity, metal roofing is one of the most resilient and sustainable roofing materials available. At Mountaintop Metal Roofing, our aluminum is made of 95% recycled or recyclable materials and our shingles reflect radiant heat. Both of which help to reduce your energy bills.

Its cost and energy-saving nature is one of the many reasons why the roofing material is loved by many. However, impact resistance — specifically in hail storms — is a question of concern from many homeowners.

Hail and Metal Roofing

Weather can be unpredictable. Hail storms are known to cause damage to homes, especially when the size of hail is larger.

Metal roofing offers a level of protection that many roofing systems do not provide. Oftentimes, much of the damage to a roof is caused by water leaking through cracks punctured by the hail. Metal roofing systems are unlikely to crack due to hail because of their damage resistance, avoiding any possible structural damage. However, larger hail can cause small cosmetic dents in metal roofing materials.

Contributing Factors

The level of the damage to your aluminum roof is determined by these main factors:

Obviously, more intense storms tend to do more damage. However, slope and structural support are massive contributors to whether or not your roof gets damaged.

When a roof is flat, there is more surface area for the hail to impact. In order to prevent possible damage, looking into a steeper roof design may be a good option.

If a roof has a sturdy support system that limits flexibility, dents are less likely. However, if the roof is supported but open underneath, the aluminum may dent more easily.

Thankfully, the common standing seam metal roof utilizes a concealed fastener system. Its panels are attached to the roof deck with clamps, ensuring that they are free of any holes from nails that could allow moisture to seep through.

Insuring Your Metal Roof

According to Progressive, your metal roof could potentially save you money! Insurance companies will adjust your rate based on the durability and age of your housing materials. So, a new metal roof would most likely lower your rate.

Aluminum roofing is not only energy-efficient, but it’s also cost-saving in the long term!

Overall, aluminum and steel roofs are a great option if you are looking for longevity and strength. According to Roofing Magazine, metal roofs coated in Galvalume could potentially last up to 60 years with proper care. Galvalume is a coating consisting of zinc, aluminum and silicon that helps to protect the metal from oxidation.

Your Experts

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