Why Aluminum Roofing?

What makes PermaLock shingles superior to our competitors and to traditional asphalt shingle roofs?  Let’s find out. 


Aluminum is used extensively in the aviation and automotive industries because of its strength. It is also unusually weather-resistant. Unlike steel, it can’t rust. Unlike wood or asphalt products, it will not rot or deteriorate and will never lose strength with age. The unique characteristics of aluminum make it the ideal material to produce high-quality, permanent roofing.


For two decades, we’ve been a green roofing leader. Our aluminum is made of 95% recycled or recyclable materials which allow for less waste in the landfills. And, as an Energy Star partner, our shingles also reflect radiant heat, reducing your energy bills, making paying for your roof even easier. Need a few more reasons?

  • Aluminum reflects heat, saving up to 30% on cooling costs
  • “Cool Roof” will increase comfort by keeping the building cooler  
  • Lightest roof at 42 lbs per 100 sq feet = lowest carbon footprint to ship
  • Can be installed over existing roof eliminating tear-off and landfill waste
  • Energy Star rated for tax credits

Our Aluminum Roofing Styles include:

Our Roofing Services include:

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Exceptional Beauty.
Exceptional Value.

The true value of a roofing product must be measured by what it costs to protect your home over time. A PermaLock aluminum shingle roof is an investment that will save thousands of dollars in future repair and replacement costs. Most homeowners can expect to replace their roof three times or more during their lifetime. Your PermaLock aluminum shingle roof will never need replacing and will require little or no maintenance.   When you consider the money you will save in replacement and maintenance expenses, and how a beautiful lifetime roof will add to the value of your home, we think you will agree that our shingles are a “best buy.”

Why Aluminum

What makes aluminum roofing so great, and why are so many people going with it?

Aluminum Roof Advantages


Aluminum’s properties make it weather-resistant. Unlike steel, it can’t rust. Unlike wood or composite, it will not rot or deteriorate and will never lose strength with age.

Cost Savings

Aluminum is the most affordable of the true lifetime materials on the market.

Moss Resistant

Moss will not get rooted into the aluminum like it can other roofing products.

Light Weight

At only 40lbs per square, it is the lightest shingled roof on the market.

Energy Star

Aluminum reflects heat allowing it to qualify for tax credits when available.


You can walk on the aluminum shingles without damaging them.

Fire Resistant

Aluminum shingles will not burn or support combustion.


The aluminum shingles are made from 95% recycled material.

Non-prorated Lifetime Transferable Warranty

A comprehensive warranty unsurpassed in the roofing industry.

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