If you are considering a roof replacement, you are probably looking around for the most reputable company that can replace the roof at a cost that fits within your budget. You also may be asking: Do I need closure strips for metal roofing?

Some people choose to skip certain things for the sake of saving money. However, neglecting to use foam closure strips for your metal roof could be a mistake.

There are some key benefits of using these strips. Here, we’ll discuss what they are and why you shouldn’t overlook this important part of the roofing replacement process.

What do the foam closures do?

These foam rubber strips are used on the sides of the metal roof panels to help seal them. They help fill the space between the base of where your roof lays and the high part of the higher portion of the metal panel.

The panels are usually about an inch thick and 1-inch to 2-inches wide. There are different types of closure strips that are designed to fit your specific roof design.

What are the benefits of closure strips?

These strips are incredibly durable and are moisture-resistant, helping reduce your chance of leaks from rain, snow, or sleet. They also help keep out pests, birds, and rodents that could cause damage to your roof.

The strips also act as an insulator, helping reduce noise from wind or rain. They perform better and last longer than other materials, such as dense foam. This is true regardless of the type of roof, whether it’s a corrugated metal roof (made up of corrugated roofing panels) or another stylish and durable design.

Thus, closure strips are a necessary part of a metal roofing system. They add an extra layer of protection and a tight seal that you want for your home.

Once they are installed, you won’t need to do anything to keep them working properly. Simply check them during your routine roof maintenance to make sure they are on there properly and don’t need to be replaced.

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