Oriented strand board (OSB) is a type of engineered wood panel. It’s lightweight and durable, making it an ideal material for construction. OSB consists of long strips of wood held together with resin. These strips are arranged, or “oriented,” in a specific way that makes OSB a highly versatile option.

OSB is a very suitable material for a wide range of construction needs, including roof installations. In fact, it’s become more popular than plywood in recent years. It makes up more than two-thirds of the structural panel market.

OSB is similar to plywood, but it is typically more affordable and readily available. It often shows up on hardware store shelves as 7/16 OSB.

How OSB Supports Metal Roofing Installation

Roofs are made of multiple layers. OSB often serves as roof decking, or the bottom layer that sits on top of the home’s framing.

Roof decking is also known as sheathing. It is critical to the metal roof installation process. It holds the roof’s joists and trusses together, forming a solid structure.

The roof’s next layer is called flashing. It directs water away from roof joints and other vulnerable areas, such as around the chimney. Next comes the roof underlayment, which may be composed of synthetic felt, rubberized asphalt, or a similar material. Finally, the outer roofer layer is attached, such as aluminum shingles or another popular roofing option.

There are some wrinkles to iron out when considering installing metal roofing over oriented strand board. As metal building products expert Todd Miller points out, “OSB in good condition will have every similar fastener pull-out resistance to CDX plywood. The problem, though, is that OSB tends to deteriorate fairly rapidly if exposed to moisture, losing fastener pull-out resistance.”

The expert metal roofers at Mountaintop can help you make heads or tails of this topic.

Mountaintop Metal Roofing Overlay Services

In addition to roof tear-offs and installations, Mountaintop Metal Roofing also provides roof overlays. This is for cases where a home’s old roof is still in good condition. Our professional team can install a new metal roof on top of your existing roof.

Interested in learning more about our roof installation process using OSB? The metal roofing professionals at Mountaintop Metal Roofing are here to answer your questions.

We are the region’s premier metal roofing panel installers. Have an OSB roof and/or synthetic underlayment or any other type of roofing material? We can fit your home with a new aluminum metal panel roof.

Best of all, as mentioned above, we may not have to do a tear-off. In many cases, we can install your new metal roof sheeting over your existing roof.

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