The Pacific Northwest and rainy weather go together like peanut butter and jelly. Because of the significant amount of rain that we have in this area of the country, we often get questions if metal roofing will be noisy when it hails or rains. The short answer is no, they aren’t much louder than traditional roofs!

The Loud Roof Myth

Metal roofs are often perceived as loud when it rains. But this is only the case if the rain hits a metal roof that has no underlayment or insulation between the panels.

The Truth

When your metal roof is installed on your home, there are multiple layers used to provide insulation and protection, in addition to providing a sound barrier. Most often, solid wood decking or a sheathing layer is installed first.

Next, the underlayment is installed, which serves as a secondary waterproofing material. They are put between the decking and the metal panels.

Then, the metal roofing is installed and secured. If you have an attic area in your home, those spaces are usually more insulated, which helps reduce noise even more. The more insulation you have, the quieter things will be.

That means, you’ll hear the rain, but the noise will be absorbed and muffled so it’s not bothersome.

Why Metal is a Good Roofing Choice

With three layers of protection on your roof, you are sure to get a quiet roof that provides you the long-lasting protection that you need. Metal roofs are also incredibly energy efficient and won’t chip, crack, or break, even during the heaviest Pacific Northwest storms. They are also environmentally friendly because they are made of recyclable materials.

The best part: they are so durable that they can last for up to 50 years. That means you won’t need to budget for costly roof repairs or replacements for a long time.

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