As improvements are made in various types of roofing products, both in designs and durability, homeowners have a lot of options. Over the past few decades, traditional 3-tab shingles have been replaced by composite/asphalt shingles as the most common roofing material for roof replacements and new homes.

However, composite/asphalt roofing is just one of an expanding list of choices for homeowners. Architectural shingles, slate, cement, and clay tile roofing all offer varying degrees of durability and design. Cedar shakes are one of the oldest types of roofing still in use and other options include bitumen or EPDM for flat roofs.

When it comes to the combination of looks, versatility, and nearly maintenance-free longevity, nothing beats the newest waves of metal roofing. The roofing material of choice for barns, industrial facilities, or governmental outbuildings for decades, installed metal roofs are becoming widely accepted in residential applications as well.

Benefits Of Aluminum Roofing

When considering what type of roofing you want for new construction, a complete tear-off, or overlay, many factors enter into the decision. In nearly every category, it is hard to deny metal shingle panels are one of the most attractive directions a homeowner can go. Here is a glance at a few of the advantages of the material.

There’s a reason you spend time mowing the lawn, cleaning up the flowerbeds, or repainting the house every ten years. You want your home to look as good as it can be. Considering it is the largest uninterrupted area of the home, the roof plays a large role in that curb appeal.

When you first think of a roof, composite shingles are probably the first thing that comes to mind. Which makes sense – house after house after house uses the material. Which in turn means that every roof looks relatively similar. With metal roofing and the variety of profiles or aluminum shingles available, your home will have an immediate upgrade.

Location may be everything when it comes to real estate, but longevity is king when it comes to roofing installations. High-grade Composite shingles are made to last 12 – 25 years or so, and some other roofing materials can be in place for more than 50 years. Aluminum roofing is made to last upwards of a century! As composite shingles have reached the end of their lifespan, metal roofing will still look the same as it did when first installed.

Aluminum won’t rust, chip, or crack. It’s fire-resistant, can stand up to high winds (up to 165 mph), and repels any moss or algae growth. The low-maintenance material means servicing the roof can be as simple as hosing it off every six months. Building a forever home? Why not use a forever material?

With standing-seam, cedar shake, slate profiles, and aluminum shingles, there is a metal roof for every type of architecture, from farmhouse to Victorian to modern. There are hundreds of colors and a variety of paint finishes to choose from, which means there’s a metal roof for everyone.

From the vibrant terra cotta red to the muted Vermont slate, you can choose your roof to match your home – no matter the home. Thinking of remodeling your home, but the roof is still in good condition? Aluminum roofing can be installed over many types of existing roofs.

Because it’s so light, additional structure support is rarely needed. Coming in as 42 pounds per 100 square feet, almost any existing roof will have the strength to carry a layer of aluminum roofing. This means no need for engineers or worrying about the structure being up to code.

A Green Product
There are a few boxes that need to be checked when considering a “sustainable” material. The longevity of a product, how it is produced, and what it is produced with. Aluminum roofing checks every single one of those boxes. Lasting up to a century, there is little need for repairs or replacements.

Made from 95 percent recycled materials, metal roofing also means keeping materials out of the landfill. Highly reflective of the sun’s rays, it can keep your home much cooler, saving energy costs up to 30 percent. The energy efficiency of aluminum in this application has earned it an Energy Star rating.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing?

As metal roofing contractors, we are obviously interested in helping every client with their roofing system solutions. However, we understand that metal roofing materials may not be the best for every situation. Although long-term savings are one of the assets of aluminum roofing, the initial cost may not fit with certain jobs.

For example, if you are selling an 800-square foot bungalow, spending to have the home outfitted with a metal roof may not make sense. Especially if you can’t enjoy the lifelong benefits! Looking to upgrade or install a small outbuilding on your land? The initial cost of metal roofing has to be a consideration.

Any product is going to have its pros and cons. Durability, craftsmanship, price, or other standards, it’s important to do some research when it comes to such a big job. However, it’s hard to ignore the numerous pros and slight con of metal roofing.

Work With The Experts

As with any other building material, aluminum roofing is only as good as the roofer that installs it. Mountaintop Metal Roofing has been working with metal roofing – and only metal roofing – for 20 years. We understand the process, keep up to date on technological advancements, and undergo the necessary training.

When it’s time to install a new roofing system on your home, call Mountaintop Metal Roofing for a free estimate. We’re experienced, professional, friendly, and work from the coast to the I-5 corridor. Let us know what your home improvement project is and we’ll show you how we can help.