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So many great cities and towns in the Puget Sound region along I405 — Renton, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Woodinville and beyond, when it comes to residential roofing, Mountaintop Metal Roofing in Bellevue is your go-to neighborhood roofing installer.

Metal roofing systems in western Washington are loaded with features. And residential metal roofing in Bellevue can be customized to match your personal style and the style of your home or business.

Why are metal roofing systems in Washington such a good deal for homes? It has to do with those customizable features, as well as the longevity and durability provided by an aluminum roof.

That’s why there is an increasing number of metal roofs in Bellevue and the surrounding Seattle metro areas. With all the different styles of homes and businesses, there is nonetheless a metal roofing system in Bellevue that will protect your home for decades while keeping it looking sharp and stylish.

Curb appeal? Definitely! But this is also roof appeal — the kind of installation that draws looks and questions. Metal roofs in Bellevue are in demand like never before, and Mountaintop Metal Roofing in Bellevue is here to keep up with that demand.

Metal Roofing in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is famous for its lush greenery and glacier-capped mountains ranges. And that greenery and those glaciers are fed by another of the PNW’s most famous attributes: rain.

Yep, when people think of the Pacific Northwest in general — and Seattle in particular — they typically think of rain. But as those who live, work, and play here understand, there’s much more to the weather than just rain and gray skies.

In short: We get a lot of weather. Rain, yes. But also ice storms, hail, bright sunshine, high winds, sleet, and even something called graupel. That means our roofs take a near-constant beating.

Withstanding the elements while lasting for decades longer than more traditional roofing systems? That’s the calling card of Mountaintop Metal Roofing systems.

With a professionally installed interlocking metal roofing system from Mountaintop Metal Roofing in Bellevue, you’ll sleep tight knowing your home is protected.

As we like to say — and as our many customers can attest — this is lifetime metal roofing for Bellevue and beyond.

Never worry about your roof again! How does that sound?

What makes aluminum roofing such a tremendous investment? There are several reasons.


Let’s compare and contrast, shall we?

Wooden shakes and shingles are prone to mold, mildew, and the growth of moss. They can also fly off the roof in ultra-heavy windstorms. Other types of roofing systems can crack or warp.

Aluminum roofing systems won’t do any of those things. An aluminum roofing system won’t rust. It won’t warp or crack or chip or flake. And the colors are steadfast.

It really is lifetime roofing. Plus, our durable metal roofs come with one of the best warranties out there. More on that below!

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Lightweight, Eco-Friendly, and Stylish!

Aluminum roofing systems are light — the lightest of all roofing materials, actually. The system is manufactured using about 95% recycled or recyclable materials.

Plus, your metal roof in Bellevue can help reduce energy costs, too (depending on geographic location and individual energy habits).

And best of all, Mountaintop Metal Roofing will install a new metal roofing system over your existing roof, if possible. No teardowns and no huge piles of debris destined for the landfill.

Finally, keep in mind that metal roofs can feature a cedar shake profile or a standing seam profile. These are wonderfully stylish, attention-grabbing, powerful roofing systems.

Expertise, Value, Service

Mountaintop Metal Roofing in Bellevue is here to serve you. We’ve been perfecting our roofing skills and procedures for more than 20 years now. We love working in Bellevue, and we look forward to adding your name to our long list of satisfied customers.

Request a free roofing quote here, or call us at (206) 890-8450 to learn more about our roofing services.

Service, Value, Experience

Mountaintop Metal Roofing in Bellevue WA provides a wide range of services, including:



Mountaintop Metal Roofing backs our PermaLock aluminum shingles with a lifetime, transferable, non-prorated warranty. Mountaintop Metal Roofing in Bellevue installs aluminum roofing systems that remain covered by warranty for as long as you own the home.

We believe that property owners should only have to replace their roof once — and that’s exactly what’s possible with a metal system.

Here are a few additional highlights of our stellar lifetime roofing warranty:


  • Your roof will not chip, peel or crack
  • The roof’s wind warranty is rated up to 165 miles per hour
  • It has 30-year chalk and fade resistance
  • Non-prorated
  • Transferable

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What are the two biggest concerns with a metal roof?

The two primary concerns with metal roofs are durability and noise. Many homeowners worry about whether metal roofs can withstand different weather conditions and potential damage over time. However, modern metal roofing materials are engineered to be highly durable and resilient. They resist corrosion, rust, and wear, even in harsh environments. With proper installation and maintenance, metal roofs can last for decades without significant issues.

Another common concern is the noise level associated with metal roofs, especially during rainstorms or hail. Some homeowners fear that metal roofs may amplify these sounds, causing loud noise inside the house. However, advancements in metal roofing technology have addressed this issue, installed with insulation and underlayment materials that effectively dampen sound, minimizing noise levels.

What not to do when installing a metal roof?

When installing a metal roof, it’s crucial to avoid several common mistakes to ensure a successful and long-lasting installation. Ensure the roof deck is clean, dry, and free of debris before installing the metal panels and use appropriate fasteners designed for metal roofing to prevent issues like corrosion and loosening over time.

Ensure all roof penetrations, edges, and seams are properly flashed and sealed to prevent leaks. Proper attic ventilation is essential to prevent moisture buildup and maintain the integrity of the roof structure. Installing a metal roof is different from traditional asphalt shingles, so it’s often a better idea to work with professional roofers that have experience with this material.

Are metal roofs worth the expense?

Metal roofs are typically worth the expense due to their durability, longevity, and energy efficiency. While metal roofs may have a higher upfront cost compared to some other roofing materials, they offer significant long-term benefits. Metal roofs are highly durable and can last 50 years or more with minimal maintenance. They are also resistant to weather damage, fire, and pests. Additionally, metal roofs can help reduce energy costs by reflecting heat and keeping your home cooler in hot weather. Overall, the investment in a metal roof can pay off in terms of durability, energy savings, and increased property value.

Is it bad to have shingles under a metal roof?

It is generally not recommended to install a metal roof directly over existing shingles without proper preparation and underlayment. While it may seem like a cost-effective solution, placing metal roofing panels over old shingles can lead to several issues. Old shingles may degrade over time and affect the performance of the metal roof or create an uneven surface, leading to potential water pooling and leaks. And moisture trapped between the shingles and metal roof can promote mold and mildew growth, a serious health concern.

Do metal roofs leak more than shingles?

When installed correctly, metal roofs are highly resistant to leaks. Seamless panels and advanced sealing techniques minimize the risk of leaks, often making them even less prone to leakage compared to traditional shingle roofs. Proper installation by experienced professionals is key to ensuring a watertight seal and preventing leaks. Additionally, metal roofs have fewer breaks and overlapping areas than shingle roofs, reducing the potential entry points for water.