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Cedar shake shingles just scream “THE COAST!” We can’t argue about the appearance of cedar shingles – they look fantastic. But if you retire to the coast, have a summer home, or run a business on the coast, you may want to think about the higher maintenance costs and repair bills of cedar shakes.

Although cedar is naturally resistant to weather – that’s why fences are made from the tree – they do break down over time. Especially if mold or algae is allowed to grow for several years. Cedar also loses its color over time with the oxidation caused by the salt air and when the sun beams down during the summer.

If you’re only spending a few months out of the year at the house, much of the damage can happen unabated. As a retiree, do you really want to get on the roof every so often? You could hire a roofing company to maintain your roof, but that’s another cost you’ll have to pay every year.

Made For Each Other

When using metal roofing on the Oregon and Washington coasts, those extra costs just aren’t necessary. Made of durable aluminum, the roofs won’t rust in the salty breeze, won’t degrade over time, and need very little maintenance. Rinsing off the occasional pine needles is about all the time you’ll spend dealing with these roofs.

In fact, after installing a metal roofing system, you may never have to deal with it again. These roofing materials are designed to last for up to 100 years. That’s why Mountaintop Metal Roofing is happy to provide a transferable, non-prorated lifetime warranty on every roof we install.

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Keep The
Beach Look

Although the material may seem more at home on an industrial facility or as commercial roofing, residential use has been increasing over the past twenty years. Thanks to advances in the aluminum roofing industry, homes aren’t limited to the corrugated or standard looking metal roofs.

That cedar shake that looks so at home on the Pacific Northwest coast? Mountaintop Metal Roofing offers a cedar shake profile that will blend in perfectly. With ten different colors to choose from, we’ll give you a roof that will match your personality and last a lifetime.

In addition to the cedar shake design, we also offer a slate profile and a more traditional standing seam profile. Each option has its own color palette, although there are hundreds of colors to choose from. But no matter the style and color, you’ll have a roof that will protect your home for a century.

Turn to the Pros

However, just like any roofing material – cedar shake, asphalt shingle, or clay tiles – proper installation is required. What good is any roof if the roofing contractor doesn’t have experience with the material or the workmanship is shoddy and careless? The roof may look great, but you’re just asking for water damage in your home down the road.

The Mountaintop Metal Roofing crew has more than 20 years of experience working with aluminum roofing and only aluminum roofing. The installation process is much different than asphalt or composition shingles, so it makes sense to use a roofing contractor with experience. We take great pride in leaving the surrounding area looking the same as when we showed up.

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