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Beaverton, Oregon remains a powerhouse city in the Pacific Northwest. Never just a bedroom community on the outskirts of Portland, it’s always been ahead of the curve. The city continues to prosper as people discover and rediscover its unique blend of urban, suburban, and rural charms.

Mountaintop Metal Roof knows all about metal roofing and solar installation in Beaverton, OR. From our centrally located home base on Raleigh Street in Portland, we’ve dispatched crews to the Tualatin Valley for many years.

That’s because as Beaverton grows, so does the knowledge that aluminum roofing systems are the way to go in the Pacific Northwest. And if metal roofing Beaverton is on your search list, you’ve come to the right place.

Beaverton Metal Roofing Interest Grows

Beaverton, the sixth most populated city in Oregon, is part of the “Silicon Forest” — or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that the “Silicon Forest” is part of Beaverton. The Oregon Encyclopedia from the Oregon Historical Society says the nickname is “applied to the cluster of high-technology firms (computer and electronic products) in Washington County,” where Beaverton is located.

“The name echoes that of Silicon Valley,” they write, “the first successful cluster of such firms in the Bay Area south of San Francisco. The high-technology industry accounted for 19 percent of Oregon’s economy in 2005, and the Silicon Forest name has been applied to the industry throughout the state. Nevertheless, the name refers primarily to the Portland metropolitan area, where about 1,500 high-tech firms were located as of 2006.”

Beaverton is home to many information technology, food production, and apparel manufacturing companies, including Tektronix, Nike, and Reser’s Fine Foods.

According to WalletHub, Beaverton is the 25th fastest-growing “small city” in the United States. We might quibble with the notion that Beaverton is “small.” With a population approaching 100,000 and a location that places it squarely in the greater Portland metro area, Beaverton has everything one needs to live a full life in the city.

It’s easy to see why Beaverton is always at the top of lists when people search for homes in the Northwest. Many of those homeowners are beginning to install metal roofing in Beaverton, and many of those roofs come straight from the Mountaintop.

Why? Great question.

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Mountaintop: The Best Metal Roofing Contractor In Portland

We’re proud to have earned an A rating from Rip City Review and to have achieved a perfect score across 11 different categories

Rip City Review has named Mountaintop Metal Roofing as the best metal roofing contractor in Portland, Oregon. The publication uses a strict selection process, an examination of credentials, and a deep dive into consumer reviews to make their determinations.

Among other considerations, Rip City Review looked at workmanship, reputation, installation costs, and customer service.

So how did we stack up? We’re No. 1!

Rip City Review decided that our metal roofing services, roof tear-offs and installations, roof overlays, and more deserved their highest grade: an A rating.

What’s more, we earned a perfect 5/5 score across 11 categories, including turnaround times, project management, warranty, and client satisfaction.

Thanks to Rip City Review and all our customers who have made us the best metal roofing company in Portland. We’re thrilled to have earned this honor, and we look forward to continuing to build upon our sterling reputation for quality workmanship and customer service.

Variety of Styles

Standing seam metal roofing panels bring an immediate touch of modern to your home while still enhancing the original architecture. Imagine a Victorian home with metal roofing on the towers, turrets, and the entire home. It’s an immediate update of a classic look – and you’ll never have to replace it.

If the clean lines of standing seam aluminum roofing aren’t for you, Mountaintop Metal Roofing offers Permalock aluminum shingles. With both slate and cedar shake profiles, your home can have a more traditional look without sacrificing durability. With more than 250 colors to choose from, including custom colors, your home will look great while maintaining the appearance of your home.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Permalock is an industry leader when it comes to aluminum roofing options. That’s why every aluminum roof Mountaintop Metal Roofing installs comes with a lifetime warranty. As long as you own your home, you’ll never have to worry about your roof again. Peace of mind like that is priceless.

There is very little – if any – maintenance that has to be done on the homeowner’s part, either. Because aluminum naturally repels moss and algae, most of our metal roofing only needs the occasional hosing down to remove debris. But even if you don’t, moss will not permeate the material as it can with wood.

Why A Metal Roof in Beaverton?

A metal roof is permanent. Mountaintop Metal Roofing contractors install aluminum roofing systems that are beautiful, durable, and virtually maintenance-free.

An aluminum roof can be installed over your existing roof in many cases. This eliminates tear-offs and reduces the need to send material to a landfill. In fact, much of Mountaintop’s metal roofing production is eco-friendly. Our aluminum is manufactured with 95% recycled or recyclable materials.

Plus, metal roofs can reduce energy costs, depending on geographic location and individual energy habits. Savings will vary based on these and other factors, but be sure to compare metal roofing with other roofing materials.

Once installed properly, this product will make it so that you never need to think about roofing problems again. Metal roofing is weather-resistant, and it will not rust or rot. Ever. You can be sure that your roof will look great and maintain its integrity for as long as you own the home.

And it’s stylish and beautiful, too! Some folks are surprised to hear this. They might be more surprised to learn that some homes that appear to have “traditional” roofs actually have aluminum roofs.

What style suits you? We have slate profile, cedar shake profile, and standing seam. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll go over some of your options.

For lifetime metal roofing in Beaverton, the choice is easy: It’s at the Mountaintop.

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