A Breeze To Work With

Love our Regal Brown PermaLock “slate” styled aluminum roof. Mike was a breeze to work with during the selection process; he was able to share various examples of Mountaintop roofs in Portland that we were able to visit in person to help us make a decision. We depended heavily on Kailey for scheduling and forwarding our questions to the installers (thanks Kailey!). Installers drove down from Seattle; be sure to establish your expectations up front for a smooth installation (i.e. what plants/trees not to damage or where soffits should be installed). When you hire gutter installers, make absolutely sure to forward Mountaintop’s instructions to the gutter installers if they are not familiar with PermaLock. Protect your investment. Highly recommend Mountaintop Metal Roofing. 5 Stars, Nico Smith

Mountaintop Did An Excellent Job With Everything

I’m a architectural designer building my second home in a rural area. I needed a metal roof that I was never going to worry about in a place with lots of rain, can receive up to four feet of snow in one storm and is in a fire prone area in the summer. Mountaintop did a excellent job with everything from initial response and quote, to scheduling, to the installation and an amazing jobsite clean up. Thank you, it’s beautiful! 5 stars, Das Chapin

Mountaintop Did A Fantastic Job

Mountain Top did a fantastic job with us. The entire process was easy and the installation crew was fantastic. They worked closely with the company we hired to do solar to make sure our solar brackets were under the new roof layers. They even came back to help us inspect again when we had work done on the chimney and gutters. I feel confident in the team and in their product. 5 stars, Gilbert and Jacqueline Luna

The Finished Roof Is Absolutely Spectacular

We are very happy with our experience with Mountaintop Metal Roofing!

Replacing your roof is a major undertaking and a huge cost. I called around to three different companies and explained what I wanted. We went with Mountain Top Metal because they seem the most experienced and they were reasonable in price. Max was our crew leader and point of contact and he was terrific. You could tell he was incredibly experienced, in fact he owned his own roofing business previously, and that he really liked this company. One thing they do that is great is Max was our point of contact the entire time. He didn’t subcontract out, it was his team.

The front desk was great and very communicative about planning when the roof would be replaced. They were always very responsive.

The actual roof replacement took only two weeks which is impressive. The team was courteous, professional, and competent. All the men were very hard-working and completely respectful of the residents. Vitally was the lead of one team and he was also super experienced and capable.

The finished roof is absolutely spectacular! We really wanted to have an aluminum roof because that’s what we had previously. The material looks terrific, and they have a lifetime guarantee for this particular material. Very few roofing companies in Seattle do metal roofs. Apparently there are more now because it’s such a great material, but Mountain Top Metal has been doing metal roofs for a long time. It’s in their name!

We are so glad we went with Max and Mountaintop Metal Roofing! 5 stars, Macy May Marcus

We Are Blown Away With Our Experience

We are blown away with our experience with Mountaintop Metal Roofing! From initial quote, to installation, and final inspection, the team was responsive, incredibly knowledgable, and enjoyable to work with. We knew a metal roof was a large investment, but the peace of mind it provides, and the already noticeable benefits have made it clear that we made the best decision. And look at it! We can’t stop admiring how beautiful this has made our home. We would not hesitate to highly recommend Mountaintop Metal Roofing! 5 stars, Nicole Zukowski

Mountaintop Metal Roofing Is A Premier Outfit

With twenty-five years in the trades, fifteen of them as a residential builder, I feel quite confident in my opinion that Mountaintop Metal Roofing is a premier outfit producing outstanding results. The owner, Glenn Boss, has much to be proud of: he’s cultivated an excellent crew whose labor exhibits “old-world” craft and an efficiency of task — their work is smooth and tight, revealing a deep understanding of what is needed and how to quickly adapt to what is on-site. As for Glenn, he was a pleasure to work with; there was no smooth-talking, nothing slick. This is a man whose built a business on quality and has every right to his quiet confidence — his good business speaks for itself. I can’t remember when I felt comfortable recommending a contractor, but any client, residential or commercial, will rest assured in hiring Mountaintop Metal Roofing. 5 stars, D. Venn Penrose

The Interlocking Shingles Look Fantastic

We are the proud new owners of a metal roof courtesy of Mountaintop Metal Roofing. What started as a casual demonstration and quote process led to timely communication, transparency, and a low stress installation process. Glenn, owner, met with us for the paperwork and came down to evaluate the job prior to completion. Work crew was timely, worked hard, and cleaned up at the end of each day. Communication happened throughout and we couldn’t be happier. The interlocking shingles look fantastic without completely altering the look of the home (1920’s farmhouse). 5 stars, Patrick Johnson

It Looks Amazing And Well Worth The Money

We love our new roof from Mountaintop Metal Roofing, it looks amazing and is well worth the money. Glenn is very communicative and professional and helped us get the roof we wanted. Vitaliy and the installation crew arrived on time and worked diligently, keeping us informed of progress and any issues. It was a pleasure working with everyone. Thanks for the roof that completes our home! 5 stars, Peter Woo

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