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Are you remodeling a mid-century in North Portland, building an ultra-modern home in the West Hills, or rehabbing a Victorian in Southeast? Maybe even thinking about adding solar panels? Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about your roof again? Especially with the four-season weather we get here in the Pacific Northwest.

Rain, sun, snow, and ice can really do a number on Portland roofs. And with strong winds blowing in from the Columbia River Gorge, traditional composite asphalt roof shingles can often be bent or blown completely off. Other materials, such as cedar shakes, need a lot of maintenance to keep it clear of moss and algae.

Aluminum metal roofing will stand up to the soggy weather that keeps the City of Roses so green throughout most of the year. Built with several profiles in a wide variety of colors, aluminum roofing is designed to look good on any home and lasts for more than a century.


Aluminum metal roofing won’t rust like a steel roof, won’t crack like slate, and won’t warp or rot away like wooden shakes. There’s a reason we offer a transferrable lifetime guarantee on every roof we install. Permalock aluminum roof shingles are the best on the market, that’s why we’re able to offer the best warranty in the industry.

We can make these claims because our roofing is designed to eliminate the worries that can come with other roofing materials. With an aluminum metal roof installed expertly, you won’t have to worry about leaks that can cause structural damage to the roof of your home as well as cause mold and mildew on the walls and ceiling of the home.

Because the color is added to the aluminum during manufacturing, the color won’t fade for decades. You won’t have to worry about chipped or cracked paint, either. It’s a lightweight product (the lightest of any roofing material in fact), made from recycled materials, is even energy-efficient.

Don’t forget to ask for a free quote on solar panels to go along with your metal roof. Save energy. Save money. Never worry about your roof again.


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Mountaintop: The Best Metal Roofing Contractor In Portland

We’re proud to have earned an A rating from Rip City Review and to have achieved a perfect score across 11 different categories

Rip City Review has named Mountaintop Metal Roofing as the best metal roofing contractor in Portland, Oregon. The publication uses a strict selection process, an examination of credentials, and a deep dive into consumer reviews to make their determinations.

Among other considerations, Rip City Review looked at workmanship, reputation, installation costs, and customer service.

So how did we stack up? We’re No. 1!

Rip City Review decided that our metal roofing services, roof tear-offs and installations, roof overlays, and more deserved their highest grade: an A rating.

What’s more, we earned a perfect 5/5 score across 11 categories, including turnaround times, project management, warranty, and client satisfaction.

Thanks to Rip City Review and all our customers who have made us the best metal roofing company in Portland. We’re thrilled to have earned this honor, and we look forward to continuing to build upon our sterling reputation for quality workmanship and customer service.



Once reserved for larger or municipal buildings like hospitals or schools, standing seam aluminum roofing is beginning to gain popularity in residential homes, too. It’s clean look – and longevity – make it an attractive choice for those wanting a modern, contemporary look.

Not interested in standing seam roof panels? Mountaintop Metal Roofing also offers a slate profile and a cedar shake profile for those that want a more traditional look. These aluminum shingles blend in a little bit more to their surroundings while still offering the sturdiness of the standing seam roofs.

All three come with color options to best suit the rest of the house. For an immediate facelift or to boost the curb appeal of your home, nothing has quite the impact of a brand new roof in a different color. While we offer custom colors like Mustang Brown, Terra Cotta Red, and Forest Green, all of our roofing materials can be made with more than 250 colors.

Experience Matters

Mountaintop Metal Roofing is one of the few experienced aluminum installers in the Portland area. That’s one of the reasons residential metal roofs aren’t as common – there aren’t many roofers that know what they’re doing. We have more than 20 years of experience working with the material and working in downtown Portland and surrounding areas.

We understand the nuances of metal roofing as well as the importance of getting the roof installed right. Because a sudden downpour in the middle of November is no time to discover your new roof was installed poorly. Even if you have the best-looking roof in the neighborhood, it won’t mean much if your kitchen ceiling is dripping.

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What are the two biggest concerns with a metal roof?

The two primary concerns often associated with metal roofing are durability and noise. Homeowners worry whether metal roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions and if they will create excessive noise during rainstorms.

However, modern metal roofing materials are designed to be highly durable and long-lasting. They are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, high winds, and even hailstorms. With proper installation and maintenance, a metal roof can easily outlast traditional roofing materials like shingles.

Another common concern is the noise level associated with metal roofs, particularly during rainstorms. However, advancements in metal roofing technology have significantly reduced this issue. Modern metal roofs are installed with insulation layers that dampen sound, minimizing the noise caused by rain or other environmental factors.

How long does a metal roof last in Oregon?
In Oregon’s climate, where weather patterns can be quite diverse, metal roofs are known to last exceptionally long. Typically, a well-maintained metal roof in Oregon can endure for 50 years or more, providing reliable protection against rain, snow, and other environmental factors.
Do metal roofs leak more than shingles?
Contrary to common belief, when installed correctly, metal roofs are highly resistant to leaks. Their seamless panels and advanced sealing techniques minimize the risk of leaks, often making them even less prone to leakage compared to traditional shingle roofs.
Does a metal roof devalue a house?
On the contrary, a metal roof can enhance the value of a house. Metal roofs offer durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, making them attractive features for potential buyers. Investing in a metal roof can actually increase the resale value of your home.
Why not put a metal roof over shingles?
While it’s possible to install a metal roof over existing shingles, it’s generally recommended to remove the old roofing material before installing a metal roof. This allows for proper inspection of the roof deck and ensures a smooth, even surface for the new metal roof installation. Removing the old shingles also prevents potential moisture issues and allows for better insulation and ventilation, maximizing the performance and longevity of the metal roofing system.