The best roof for a rainy climate is one that keeps you and your stuff dry no matter how hard and for how long it rains.

By “how hard” we mean to include all types of rain — from the torrential downpours that sweep across the southern states with regularity to the relentless, everpresent drizzle we’ve come to expect as residents of the Pacific Northwest.

By how long, we naturally mean for a few hours or for several decades.

Because the fact of the matter is that roof damage, including leaks, can occur after just a short burst of wind and rain or over decades as the aforementioned Northwest drizzle begins to permeate your roofing system.

Rainy Climates: Metal Roofing Systems

The best roof for rainy climates is one that lasts for many years with little to no maintenance or worry. And for our money, nothing beats a metal roofing system for withstanding the rigors of a wet and rainy climate — for a few hours or for a lifetime.

Because a properly installed metal roofing system is, indeed, a lifetime roof. It should last you 30, 40, even 50 years. This kind of longevity simply can’t be found in wood shingle roofing, slate roofs, concrete tile roofing, asphalt shingles, clay tiles, composition shingles, or other roof styles.

Metal roofs are the perfect roofing solution in all kinds of climates — hot and cold, wet or dry. They’re virtually impenetrable, no matter how much rain falls on top of them.

And with combinations of ventilation systems and moisture barriers, a metal roof is about as much protection from the elements as you are likely to get in any roofing system heretofore devised by mortal humans.

Metal roofs shed rain (and snow, for that matter) incredibly well. They withstand extremes of temperature and moisture better than many other roofing options. Finally — and here again we bring up the fact that a roofing system must last for decades — it is much less prone to mold, fungus, and rot than other roofing systems.

Protection from the Elements

Metal roofs feature a system of interlocking panels that protect the house and provide full coverage from and resistance to the elements. Unlike other roofing materials, metal is installed with fewer seams, giving water and moisture less room for intrusion. That makes it the best roof for a rainy climate.

Thinking of installing a metal roof as part of a home improvement project? Considering a different type of roofing material for your place of business?

We can help. Get in touch with the roofing company that knows all about it — your metal roofing experts at Mountaintop Metal Roofing. We’ll install a beautiful and customizable roofing system that can last for 100 years thanks not only to its resistance to rain but also to its fire resistance and ability to withstand other extreme weather conditions.