If you are considering a new roof for your home, it might not cross your mind that installing a metal roof in winter will work out just fine. Metal roofs can be installed year-round — yes, even during the colder months — without compromising quality.

Is winter really a popular time for metal roofing jobs?

The busiest time of year for roofing projects is in the fall. That’s because it’s usually dry and not blazing hot, which makes it more convenient for roofing professionals to make their way up to the building to repair or replace the roofing material. However, if winter is the best time for your schedule to get your roof installed, no worries!

Sheet metal panels are not subject to breaking, cracking, or bending. That means harsh cold temperatures caused by snow and ice will not impact the materials needed during an installation.

Furthermore, sheet metal does not need to seal with adhesive or cure to finish the installation project, which is more convenient for winter roofing jobs.

Metal roofing is designed to get rid of water and ice, so once the roof is installed, ice and snow accumulation will be minimal. That is great news for homeowners!

In all kinds of weather … 

Unlike asphalt shingle roofs which are oftentimes damaged during the winter, sheet metal roofs are incredibly durable. So, no matter what kind of winter we have — thunderstorms, snow events, or wind and frigid temperatures that lead to ice damming  — your roof will be able to hold up to the elements, keeping your home safe and protected.

Plus, metal roofing can create a great heat barrier in the summer. The sunlight is reflected away, helping keep the inside temperatures cool.

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Installing in the winter is a piece of cake for roofing contractors, such as Mountaintop Metal Roofing. Contact us today and we will answer any questions you have or get an appointment scheduled for a free quote.