Homeowners have a lot of expenses to plan for. Installing a new roof is one of them. Not only does this fortify the home, it may also fortify one’s finances. What can one expect regarding a metal roof’s return on investment?

A new roof is one of the most sizable investments that you will have to plan for, but thankfully, metal roofing offers a variety of benefits that help give you a bit more of a return on investment than traditional roofing systems.

So before you think about replacing your roof with a new asphalt shingle roof or clay tile roof, consider the long-term benefits of metal roofing and the return on investment they provide.


Traditional roofing systems usually only last 10 years to 15 years. In addition to this, you’ll also need to factor in the occasional repair or shingle replacement that happens during some of the Pacific Northwest storms that we have.

Metal roofs, however, simply don’t need replacement as often as traditional roofs. In fact, metal roofing material maintains its durability and aesthetics for 50 years or more. That’s 5 times the longevity of a traditional roof! Because they are stronger, homeowners won’t need to budget for costly roof repairs, either.


Rain, wind, blazing heat, snow, and ice are just some of the different types of elements we see in the Northwest. For shingle roofs, thermal expansion and contraction will negatively impact the roof’s performance over time.

Metal roofs do not do this, and they won’t chip, break, or crack. They are secure, no matter how wild the weather gets.

Resale Value

When you sell your home, metal roofing is a positive thing for many prospective homebuyers. They want a strong and durable roof that looks great. They also will appreciate that they are energy efficient and help reduce heating bills.

Lastly, knowing that they likely will not have to replace the roof for decades is another benefit.

Many real estate experts find that homes with metal roofs are highly desirable and when combined with other home improvements, can help yield a greater selling price.

Our team at Mountaintop Metal Roofing has decades of home improvement experience. We take the time to communicate all of the details with you, so you know exactly what your metal roof installation will be like.

We think you’ll appreciate our combination of quality products, superior customer service, and unmatched expertise. We’re the roofing contractor of choice for those seeking roof replacements that will increase home values and provide an unmatched level of security.

Once you’ve installed a metal roof — and when the metal roof return on investment is factored in — you’ll find that a metal roof costs are very competitive per square foot with other roofing systems.

They’re also stylish and much in demand these days. Remodeling magazines often feature metal roofs with architectural shingles and other flourishes.

Contact us today for information on getting your free quote scheduled. The sooner you invest in a metal roofing system, the sooner you’ll see those dividends!