What are some important questions to ask a roofing contractor? When it comes to a roof replacement, there are many things to consider.

How much will it cost?

What type of material is best?

What company should you choose?

As with any home maintenance or renovation project, it is important to do your research on reputable companies out there.

Here are some of the key questions you should ask potential roofing contractors or companies.

#1: What is your experience?

Inquire about the company’s history. See if they offer to provide customer references or if they can provide before and after pictures of past jobs. You should also review the company online, reading positive and negative reviews. See if there are any recurring themes that raise a red flag in your mind.

#2: Do I need to leave my home during the roof replacement?

This is a common question — and the short answer is no. Some people may choose to leave the home during the roof replacement because it can get noisy. However, leaving is not a requirement.

If you do decide to leave, discuss with the contractor what things the team might need in your absence. For example, they may need access to a power supply, the backyard, or other spaces that require your assistance.

If the company is adamant that you leave during the replacement, beware. They should never require you to be away from the premises if you don’t want to be.

#3: Can you provide proof of licensure and insurance coverage?

Licensing requirements can vary, but the roofing contractor should be able to easily provide proof of local or state licensure and insurance coverage. If they fail to provide this information, or act offended when you ask for this, take note. This may be a sign of shady business operations.

When you hire a roofing contractor, you want to know about general liability insurance, compensation insurance, if any, and how their reputation stacks up against others according to organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

#4: Do you provide written quotes?

Part of being a responsible homeowner is making sure you get several quotes from different companies. Doing this ensures that there is a common theme of pricing and that one company is not set out to rip you off. Get quotes in writing. This will help you avoid any costly surprises when it comes time to pay for your completed roofing job.

We understand that installing a new roof on your home is a large investment. While it does require you to do some research to determine which style is best for your home, it is most important to ensure you have a reliable roofing company doing the work.

When choosing a roofing contractor, you hire based on a number of factors. A roof installation is a big project, but a dedicated team of professional installers and a project manager can get the job done in just a few days.

At Mountaintop Metal Roofing, you can trust our experience and expertise as a respected, popular, and reputable roofing contractor. We work hard to provide you with a quality roof that will last decades — and peace of mind that will, too!

We look forward to helping you with your roof replacement project, so contact us today to get an estimate. We can recommend roof repair experts if a new installation of roofing materials is not necessary.

Whatever questions you may have, we can answer them. We take pride in our ability to provide high-quality, long-lasting, professionally installed aluminum roofing systems. And we back it up with standard-setting customer service and a warranty that is among the best in the industry.

Let us know what you need to know! We look forward to speaking with you.