Metal roofs are the answer for small houses, big houses, and everything in between. It’s true that metal roofs are a popular option for buildings and homes of all sizes. But are there specific considerations to be made for smaller homes or tiny houses? Let’s talk about small houses with metal roofs.

When designing a tiny house, not all styles are feasible. Smaller homes — especially tiny homes — need to have a simple, functional roof. The best options are a gable roof or a shed roof.

Gable roof

The gable roof has two sides that slope toward the peak, making a triangle shape. If you are planning to build or use a loft in your smaller home or in a tiny home, a gable peak is not the best option, as it doesn’t use space as efficiently.

Shed roofs

These are the easiest metal roofs for tiny homes and small homes in general. It has a single pitch throughout the roof and makes the best use of space.

Why metal roofing on small houses?

Metal roofs are fire resistant and can withstand a variety of different weather elements. They are also incredibly lightweight and energy-efficient and are one of the sturdiest roofing products on the market today.

It doesn’t take long to install and once it’s complete, it will provide shelter and protection from the elements for 50 years, or longer! This is a truly revolutionary roofing option for tiny houses, roofs on larger homes, and everything in between.

In addition, there is no maintenance required once the roof is installed; simply enjoy its beauty and reap the benefits of the comfort and security it provides you. While the upfront investment may be a bit more than traditional roofing, the long-term investment for your home is well worth it.

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