If you are considering a roof replacement, a metal roof can be a great option. A standing seam metal roof is one of those options. Let’s look at a few standing seam metal roof details.

These roofs have a defined seam that is extended vertically from the flat surface of the panel. It is popular for both residential and commercial roofs, because of its ability to offer additional support.

Standing seam systems have both commercial residential applications. In fact, a seam metal roof system is in many ways a lifetime roof type. Metal roof panels can even be installed so as to accommodate any expansion and contraction that can take place with standing seam panels.

Benefits of standing seam roofs

The standing seam metal roof uses a hidden fastener system. These hidden systems feature no exposed fasteners, which can cause them to break or split over time. This gives the roof a greater ability to withstand a variety of elements throughout the year.

Another benefit of the concealed fasteners on seam metal roof panels is that it will not puncture the roof itself with screws or nails, making it more aesthetically pleasing, not to mention weather-tight.

Standing seam roofs also will not rust. They are durable and will last for decades, and there is no maintenance required to preserve the warranty. That kind of reliability is something that traditional asphalt roofing cannot provide.

What kind of buildings use standing seam roofs?

Standing seam roofs are classic, especially for homes that have a modern, contemporary look. They are also great for a variety of commercial buildings or barns. The roofing material comes in multiple color options, too. So, whatever color goes best with your home’s exterior, we can help find the most attractive option for you!

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