Are you wondering what types of roof pitches there are or what specific type of roof pitch your structure has?

If you are looking at investing in a new roof, knowing the pitch of your roof is an important factor, especially when you are comparing estimates from local companies.

So do some research on the various types of roof pitches and roof shapes. This will help you determine what you need when the time comes for a roof replacement.

What is a pitched roof?

Pitched roofs have a sloped surface that is angled at more than 20 degrees. The pitch works with the shingles to keep water running into the gutters. It also determines how well you can walk around on the roof, which plays a big role in how hard it is to keep it maintained.

The most common types of pitched roofs are gable roofs, gambrel roofs, dome roofs, mansard roofs, and hip roofs.

Low-pitch roofs

These have a gentle slope, usually from 0 degrees to 3 degrees. A great example of a low-pitch roof is a flat roof, which is common in contemporary homes.

Low-pitch roofs are easy to maneuver, making installation, maintenance, or repair easier. They do usually require more maintenance because snow and water runoff are more difficult to drain off properly.

Medium-pitch roofs

These are from 4 degrees to 8 degrees and are seen in a variety of different home styles. These are a little more difficult to move around on during repairs or inspections, but they are one of the most versatile and commonly seen residential roofs.

High-pitch roofs

These can range from 9 degrees to 12 degrees and make installation and maintenance more difficult. Snow and water will run off of these roofs best.

Combination roofs

Some structures have a more complex combination of different roof pitches, which creates a one-of-a-kind look.

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