Your roof keeps you safe and protected from the various elements outside, but if it gets damaged, it may cause a headache for you. As a homeowner, it can get confusing trying to figure out the various ins and outs of the insurance world.

So when it comes to roof coverage, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. When you are considering making a claim with your roof insurance, here are some questions that you will need to be prepared to answer.

This should be a good starting point in helping determine what type of roof damage your homeowners insurance covers. Will your insurance cover the cost or deny your claim?

#1: What caused the damage?

Your insurance company will need to know what the original cause of roof damage was. If it was simply wear-and-tear on the roof that caused the damage, your insurance company likely won’t cover anything. But if natural disasters, vandalism, or an accidental fire was the cause, the insurance company may cover roof damage at that point. Whether it’s replacing a roof or just fixing a roof leak, ask your insurance company about dwelling coverage.

#2: How old is the roof?

The age of your roof will always play a factor when it comes to an insurance claim. Keep in mind that a roof that is less than 10 years old is generally considered newer, and this could play a role in what your insurance will cover or what you will need to pay. Other factors may also be involved, such as roofing materials.

#3: What was the condition of the roof before the damage occurred?

If you can show that you have taken care of your roof with regular maintenance and attentive care, you may find that you are more likely to get better insurance coverage when compared to someone who has already had a lot of claims made on their roof.

If on the other hand, the roof has been subjected to 20 years of the elements and a lack of maintenance, then you may run into problems when you file a claim with your home insurance company.

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