Wind whipping through the trees and rain pounding on the windows and roof — storms can cause a mixture of nerves and excitement. You may be wondering: Just how much wind can a metal roof withstand?

Modern interlocking roofing systems should be able to withstand sustained winds well over 100 miles per hour. At Mountaintop Metal Roofing, for example, we offer a 120-miles-per-hour to 165-miles-per-hour wind warranty.

Knowing that you have a durable roof that holds up through years of high winds and whatever Mother Nature throws your way is important. Thankfully, metal roofs are known for their stability and durability, especially during extreme windstorms.

Here’s how they can help keep you safe and protected from wind damage, no matter what happens outside.

Metal Roof Construction

Metal roofs are constructed with continuous sheets of metal that cover the entire area of the roof. Shingle roofs have seams where wind or rain often penetrate the roofing material, which could cause significant damage to your home.

It’s a fact that metal roofs have fewer exposed edges, which adds an extra layer of protection from the elements. In the Pacific Northwest, where wind and rain are common, it is a great idea to consider installing a metal roof.

While asphalt roofing is very common in this area, it simply does not have the same level of durability that metal roofing offers. As roofing contractors know, asphalt roofing requires self-sealing adhesive strips to be installed on the back of the shingles. In cold, wet, and windy weather, these can lose traction and fly off. In other words, they’re not always wind proof, and they don’t put up much in the way of wind resistance.

During thunderstorms, snowstorms, or wind events, metal roofs in high wind areas are not only great at withstanding wind but give you the reliability you need. That way you won’t need to worry about replacing missing shingles or coming up with the money for an expensive roof repair.

Metal roofing systems also offer greater insulation than other traditional roof options. That means on cold, windy nights when temperatures drop, your home will be kept warmer. This helps alleviate the burden on your home’s heating system, which helps save energy.

Metal panel roofing can be properly installed year-round. So even though the weather may not be the best during the winter months, you don’t need to postpone your metal roof installation.

Plus, they come in a variety of stylish and durable panel systems, including standing seams — a popular option among metal roofing products.

Mountaintop Metal Roofing

We’ve been installing metal roofing systems throughout the Portland metro area for more than two decades. Ask around, and you’ll see why we are the region’s leader in the proper installation of metal roofing products.

We use only the highest quality materials, and our installation experts are trained in all the ins and outs of metal roofing systems. We pride ourselves on doing the job right and for our responsive and friendly customer service.

Finally, as we mentioned above, every Mountaintop Metal Roofing product comes with a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty. That means you’re covered for as long as you own the home. It truly is lifetime roofing!

Our warranty highlights include the previously mentioned wind warranty, plus a guarantee that your new roofing system will not chip, peel or crack. The warranty also includes 30-year chalk and fade resistance.

Contact Mountaintop Metal Roofing today to learn more about metal roofing for your home and to get an appointment scheduled for your quote. (Or to learn a little more about how much wind a metal roof can withstand!)