Winter is here and that means the weather will continue to turn colder and wetter. Is your roof up to the challenge of keeping you warm and protected this season? Here are four important winter roofing tips to keep in mind.

#1: Clean off debris.

Over time, your roof will likely accumulate debris like twigs, branches, and leaves. This is especially true if there is a wind or rainstorm. Make sure you keep debris from accumulating on your roof. If you don’t, this debris can become waterlogged, and your roof will be left susceptible to water damage beneath the soggy buildup. Cleaning off debris also helps prevent ice dams.

#2: Clean out gutters.

Just like the roof, gutters serve as a catch-all for sticks, leaves, and other debris. Take some time to clean these out regularly, because if you don’t, they can get clogged. Clogs mean rainwater, ice, or snow will not be able to flow off the roof, which could cause standing water to build up.

#3: Check for damaged shingles.

Missing, damaged, or loose shingles expose your home to potential roof leaks and damage. If those aren’t fixed before winter, the roof could be prone to significant damage that could lead to expensive repairs. When you notice damaged or missing shingles, you can easily replace them. If you are uneasy about working on the roof, hire professionals to take a closer look at the shingle repair for you.

#4: Trim tree branches.

Trimming trees around your roof is a very important task that can help avoid damage to your roof when winter snow, ice, or winds arrive. It is usually best to hire a trained professional to properly trim and reach the branches.

Need a roof replacement? Metal roofing is one of your best options. This type of roof material requires little to no work to maintain your roof, and it is one of the most durable products out there.

Prepare your roof for winter — avoid ice dams and the roof maintenance needed for snow removal during winter storms; keep your roofing damages, if any, to a minimum, and watch how your aluminum system remains in good condition decade after decade.

Ready for the cold weather? Our team at Mountaintop Metal Roofing is experienced and ready to get your new roof installed so you can enjoy it throughout the winter. Let us inspect your roof to determine if we can install a new metal roofing system atop your old one. There may be no need for a complete tear-off!

It makes sense to hire a roofing company with the experience and the expertise required to keep your home safe during all kinds of winter weather.

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